How do I know what level to sign-up for? What if I'm unhappy with my track placement?
Please see our Class Levels page for information about different tracks, auditions, and levels review. 

Do I need to sign up or audition for optional classes? 
Nope- some optional classes will be for intermediate or advanced levels, but none of the optional classes require auditions or advance sign up.

Do optional classes cost extra? 
No, they're all included in your camp costs. 

How many classes will I take? 
Each track will take 2-3 classes/day for four days, plus as many or as few optional ones as you like! See our Daily Schedule page for an example of what a typical day is like.  


Policies & Safety: 

What is your Covid policy?

We will be requring that all campers have received at least one vaccine dose after September 23, 2023 and we will be asking for your vaccination details to be submitted before you attend camp. Details on submitting that will be sent out after you are registered.

Everyone will be required to test negative on a self-supplied Covid test prior to arrival, and be feeling completely well.  Masking is encouraged.  We will have some outdoor/open air dance spaces, and all dance spaces have open windows with good air flow.  We cannot guarantee specific classes or dances to be in specific spaces.  If there are concerns of sleeping in the same space as others, please consider requesting a private or semi-private space (these are both extremely limited), or bringing your own tent to stay in.  Staying off campus is possible, but there are a select few places to stay nearby; if interested please contact us for recommendations.

If you test positive for Covid right before camp, your options are: 1) You may defer your pass to the next year; 2) You may transfer your pass to another person; 3) You may request a refund minus the initial $200 deposit.  

Can I bring my own snacks? What dietary options will be offered? What about food allergies?
No- food is not allowed in the cabins. Meals and snacks will all be provided in the dining hall by Camp Wicosuta, including vegetarian and gluten free options. If you have specific dietary needs or allergies, there is a dedicated refrigerator in the dining hall in which you may store any food for required to accomodate dietary restrictions.  Please contact us for any questions.

I experienced or witnessed harassment, discrimination, or assault. How can I report that? 
Please see our Code of Conduct page.

I'm uncomfortable with my cabin assignment- can I switch cabins? 
We spend extensive time trying to make appropriate cabin assignments for each camper and have limited flexibility for cabin changes if people want to be with friends, etc. If you, however, are uncomfortable in your assigned cabin please come see a SONH organizer so we can address the situation.


Camp life: 

Do I need to bring sheets, towels, pillow, etc? 
Yes, or sign up for linens with your registration to receive them when you arrive. 

If you sign up for linens, you will get a pillow, sheet set, blanket, and towel. 

What housing options are available?
Regular cabin- *A large majority of campers choose to stay in our regular cabins*  Our rustic unheated cabins all have attached bathrooms (with hot water, multiple showers, and multiple toilets), wooden camp style beds, and shelves/open cabinets for clothing storage. Each cabin sleeps 9-15 people dormitory style. Here is a panoramic image of one of our cabins:
Quiet cabin- A few regular cabins are 24-hour "quiet cabins," for those looking to nap during the day or sneak into bed early.
Semi-private cabin- There is small supply of semi-private cabins for 3-5 people. The semi-private accommodations carry a per-person surcharge, and are assigned in order of paid registration. These are also very rustic unheated accommodations, and all walls are thin. Most semi-private and private rooms have shared bathroom facilities with only a small few having dedicated facilities.
Tent- Campers may bring their own tent to stay in.  We will assign you a corresponding cabin to be nearby, so that you can use its showers and toilets.  Most cabins have a back door to the restroom area so that going through other campers' living area is not necessary to use the facilities.
Off-Campus- There are *limited* off-campus options in the surrounding area, and for clarity roughly 98% of SONH attendees stay in on-campus housing.  Camp Wicosuta is quite remote and Hebron is a very small town.  That having been said, there are a few Airbnbs, Inns, and Bed and Breakfasts that are driving distance from camp.  

Is there a long line to take a shower?
With showers in all cabins, multiple showers per cabin, and varied schedules of campers, we've not had complaints about waiting too long to take a shower whenever you might need to.

When are meals?
At camp all meals are included for every registered attendee, and include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night snack, and always include options for vegetarians and vegans.  Some limited food is generally always available in the dining hall though; you will not go hungry here at camp.

How early can I get breakfast/coffee? When is the cafe open?
Fresh coffee is available at all breakfasts in the dining hall, generally from 8:15 to 9:45am.  Our pop-up cafe with specialty coffees and other hot beverages is open at other meals and during dances, and may be visited for self-serve at any other time of the day.  Basically coffee whenever you want it :)

Are children welcome?
It is possible to bring children to camp, but please do contact us if you are planning on it. We want to be very clear that if you bring children they must be supervised at all times; depending on their age you may want to select a semi-private space for your family.  Write us at info@swingoutnh.com if you are considering bringing anyone under the age of 16.

Can I share a cabin with my friends/only members of the same gender/a specific city?
Sure- we do our best to accommodate all cabin requests. Make sure you're friends have specified the same preferences and let us know who you're traveling with when you register. 

Is there a discount if I stay off-campus?
Campers who choose to stay off campus will receive a discount from the regular tuition rate, and this commuter rate WILL include all meals. We do not offer a no-meal option.

Will there be internet available? 
Internet is available at camp, though with high volume of users it is occasionally slow. The dining hall is the best place to get internet access. 

What if I'm under 18? Can I still come to camp and what do I need to do? 
Absolutely! Our junior campers will need to attend camp with a parent or chaperone and with a signed medical waiver, which can be found here.

Will there be partial or weekend passes available?
It is important to us to provide the best full camp experience we can, and we need to prioritize our full All-In registrants.  You won't regret coming for the full SONH :) 
Opening up for limited weekend passes in August is a possibility, but not guaranteed if camp fills up with regular registrants.  Please write us if you need to arrive late or leave early.



When can I arrive at camp? When do I need to depart?
Camp arrival is on Wednesday- check-in is from 2:30pm and 5:30pm at the main office. Maps and guides will be available to help you find your cabin. Check in will be followed by dinner (6-7pm) and the opening Camp Meeting (8-9pm). 
All campers must depart by 11am on Monday morning.

Will merchandise be available for purchase at camp? 
Jackets, sweatpants, and tshirts will be available for purchase in limited supply at camp. 

Will teachers be available for private lessons? 
Private lessons are scheduled individually with SONH teachers.  We will have designated places and time blocks for private lessons to take place.

I want to participate in the cabaret, what should I do? 
Great! Details about the cabaret will be forthcoming. Please contact our cabaret coordinator Alcina with your information at alcina.chiu@gmail.com

I want to run practice sessions/card games/soccer matches/something extra and fun at camp! How can I do this? 
Great! All the extra non-dancing activities are part of what make Swing Out New Hamphire a great experience. Many people will post a sign-up sheet for tennis partners or a note about game night on the pin board at the front of the dining hall- you can also pass any info along to one of the SONH Organizers so we can include it with our mealtime announcements.