What Our Campers Say

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OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! That ROCKED my world. The teachers were stellar, the food was amazing and the vibe in the air from all the campers was so loving!!!  

I found SONH to be a truly unique and special event - nothing I have ever experienced comes close to it. It was friendly, warm, welcoming and caring, as well as host to some of the best dancing experiences I've ever had, both social and in classes. I was extremely impressed with the friendly vibe that was around throughout the entire camp, as well as the quality of the dancing. 

The camp was another huge success, worth every blister, dollar, and hour in the air flying from San Francisco. 

I couldn't have dreamed of a better situation. When you're sitting you're eating, when you're lying down you're sleeping, and when you're on your feet you're DANCING! This was my first swing camp, my first formal training with Lindy and I couldn't have received better training. As a bluebird, I was shown the most pure and essential Lindy instruction. Everyone, students and teachers alike, were energetic and kind. No one was haughty, everybody danced with everybody. The food was fabulous, the staff was fabulous, the camp ground was totally accommodating. Thank you so much!!!! 

Camp was, as usual, awesome, awesome, awesome and I didn't want to go home! 

As a Bluebird (the lowest level), I knew I was totally addicted when early in the third morning of camp – in that twilight zone between sleep and waking –I realized that I was counting to 8 and hearing music in my head and visualizing doing the swing out! To me it says something about the intensity and richness of the experience of SONH – to give oneself the gift of time – to dedicate oneself fully in such a singular way to one thing – so rare in our multitasking everyday lives. 

I have been getting compliment after compliment on my dancing since returning home. Teachers noticed my "gush" right off and the other dancers are amazed with my musicality. 

Oh - and the music? Phenomenal! The Cangelosi Cards (especially with Gordon Webster) brought so much insane energy to the dances I had to force myself to leave if they played late. They interact really well with the dancers and vice versa. So many people who hadn't heard them before were blown away -- I was too, even though I've heard them many times! 

I floated on the post-SONH euphoria for days. Every time I have come to this camp I do things that I was always afraid to do before. Whether its getting up in front of people or swimming in a lake, there's something about SONH that brings out the best in me. I bring that home with me and it helps me know who I am. Thanks so much. 

This year's SONH was the most fun yet! I really enjoy Camp Wicosuta for its green, yet civilized, facilities. 

It was so much fun to see the wide-eyed and happy expressions on my students who were there for the first time; as well as experiencing my own extreme pleasure. I was able to see it new and fresh through their eyes! It was and unforgettable experience for us all. I always appreciate the experience of being at summer camp; it brings out the kid in me! 

There is no dance gathering that can match SONH! I'm planning to be back again next year. 

I know what it's like to be the detail person behind the scenes for a weekend workshop; I can only imagine all the extra work it takes to produce a camp... and SONH is a truly wonderful camp! My fantasy life is to live every day as a camper at SONH. 

This camp is so well organized and much care is given regarding the tracking. I'm amazed yet again! 

This year was my first of what will definitely be many future trips to SONH. I had a fantastic time, and felt like my dancing improved more in those five days than in years of lessons - all while have SO MUCH FUN. You have created a unique and joyous environment.