Pricing Breakdown

This year, we are opening an early non-tiered option called Friends of SONH, for those who want a stress-free guaranteed spot at camp.  Paying a little more for this option also helps us keep the general cost down for everyone else.  All registrants will be treated as equals at camp :)

Friends of SONH Early Registration (Apr 18, 8pm ET)   1st Tier All-In Registration (75 slots) (Apr 30, 8pm ET)
5 Nights' Standard Cabin Housing: $120   5 Nights' Standard Cabin Housing: $120
5 Days' Food (3 meals/day plus midnight snack): $250   5 Days' Food (3 meals/day plus midnight snack): $250
All Camp Activities, Dances, and Classes: $480   All Camp Activities, Dances, and Classes: $379
Total: $850  

Total: $749

Any First-Timers will receive a $50 discount on their tiered All-In Pass.


Package First 75 Next 40 Next 50 Next 115
All-In PassAvailable starting April 30 SOLD OUT SOLD OUT $799.00 $829.00
First-Timer All-In PassA $50 discount off of the regular All-In Pass price for First-Timers! Available starting April 30 SOLD OUT SOLD OUT $749.00 $779.00
Friends of SONH Pass
This pass guarantees you a spot at camp and helps make our event successful
Online Registration is Live! - Register Now:

Questions about registration?
via Facebook or send us an email (!

**You may make manual monthly payments if you would like to spread out your payment over time.  Select the $200 deposit amount each time you would like to pay; you can pay the remainder at any time before camp**

Full Registration Includes: 

  • 8 tracked Lindy Hop (or Balboa!) classes with our incredible instructors
  • A selection of nearly 40 optional classes offered throughout camp
  • 5 nights of dancing including live music by 2 bands
  • Accomodation in camp style cabins
  • All meals from Wed. dinner to Mon. breakfast, including late night snacks (vegetarian and gluten free options available)
  • Access to the lake, swimming pool, tennis courts, soccer field, and general camp atmosphere
  • Little perks, including a water bottle and pins for the late night survivors
  • Extra fun activities, including happy hour, cabaret night, campfire sing-a-long, and more! 

Available Add-Ons Include: 

  • Swing Out New Hampshire t-shirts and jackets (color to be revealed this summer)
  • Semi-private cabins (limited availability, see details in our FAQ)
  • Linens (includes a blanket, pillow, sheets/pillowcase, and a towel)
  • Bus ticket to/from Boston or NYC


The first payment on a monthly payment plan or a $200 deposit must be received upon registration to secure your spot.  Checks in the mail are also accepted, online payment is preferred if possible.  Full payment must be received by August 14. 

If you register and your chosen dance role is already full, you will be offered a spot on the waiting list (please send a $200 deposit to hold your spot). If you cancel from the waiting list, or if a spot opens up and you decline it, you will receive a full refund less $50. If no spot opens up, you will receive a full refund. If you accept a spot which has opened up, you must sent your balance due immediately. We reserve the right to maintain a balance of leads/follows, and a first-come, first-served policy will be in effect for reservations, housing and the waiting list.

Payment Methods

Make out checks to Jazz Dance, LLC. Mail checks to SONH c/o Mike Thibault, 49 Browncroft Blvd., Rochester, NY 14609. Checks or money orders must be in US funds, and MUST be payable by a bank located in the US. The US bank's name and address must be printed on the check or money order. You will be responsible for any bank collection fees if these instructions are not followed. All refunds will be made in US funds. You will be responsible for any collection fees if refund checks are not deposited in a US bank. 

Online payment for SONH fees is available through PayPal. PayPay's secure servers permit you to use your Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover Credit Card, or to send payment from your bank account or PayPal account. Credit Card information you supply to PayPal is confidential and not revealed to us. 


Our policies, including our COVID Policy, can be found on our FAQ page.


Cancellations made on or before July 15th will receive a full refund minus a $50 processing fee. Cancellations made on or after July 16th up to and including August 1st will receive a full refund minus the $200 deposit. There will be no refunds after August 1st. No refunds will be made for no shows, or after camp has started. Campers may transfer passes for to the following year up until August 1st.