Housing & Meals


Camp Wicosuta is a real summer camp. It provides rustic unheated cabins, all with attached bathrooms, hot water and showers. 9-15 people sleep dormitory style in each cabin, which is furnished with simple wooden camp style beds, mattresses and wooden shelves for clothing storage. Cabins will be assigned in the order of paid registrations received. Please feel free to bring your own bed linens, towels and plenty of blankets or a warm sleeping bag. We are expecting warm end-of-summer days, but evenings can be quite chilly. Space heaters or electric blankets are strictly prohibited for safety reasons. Linens and blankets are available to rent for a fee if you are coming from far away, but we strongly recommend you bring a warm sleeping bag if you can.

Semi-Private Housing

There is small supply of semi-private cabins and rooms for 1, 2, 4 or 5 people. These are also very rustic unheated accommodations, and all walls are thin. In most of the semi-private cabins a couple will be sharing the space with another unrelated couple, and in almost all cases showers and bathrooms are shared. The semi-private accommodations carry a per-person surcharge, and are assigned in order of paid registration.

"Quiet" Cabins

We will be designating a few regular cabins as 24-hour "quiet cabins", for those who wish to have the option of napping during the day.

Cabin Requests

If you have a group of friends (mixed gender OK) we can house your group together in the same cabin. In some cases, your group will fill an entire cabin, but most groups will share a cabin with other groups of friends or couples. If your group is mixed gender, we will house you with others who are OK being in a mixed gender cabin. If you are attending by yourself, or with friends of the same sex, we will house you with members of the same sex.


Campers who choose to stay off campus will receive a discount from the regular all-in pass rate, and this commuter rate WILL include all meals. We do not offer a no-meal option.


Three meals a day and a late night snack are included in the cost of tuition, including dinner on the day of arrival and breakfast on the day of departure. Vegetarian and vegan choices will be available at every meal.