Any person 17 years or younger who would like to attend Swing Out New Hampshire must be accompanied by a guardian throughout the duration of camp. The guardian needs to sleep in the same cabin as the minor and has to be registered for the camp. The guardian may either be the minor's parent/legal guardian or an adult they assign to be guardian while at camp. If a temporary guardian is assigned, a parent or legal guardian must fill out, sign and date a copy of the following "Camper Agreement and Waiver of Liability for Minors" and also provide a Medical Release before the minor can be registered.

The Medical Release can be a form obtained from a health care provider (it will be called something like Authorization for Medical Treatment of Minors). Alternatively it can be a letter that states that the assigned guardian (give their name) is authorized to make emergency medical decisions for treatment by a hospital or physician should an injury occur to the minor. It should include any relevant medical information including health care provider details (name, telephone number, policy number). It must be signed by the parent/legal guardian and include their contact information (telephone numbers, address).

Camper Agreement and Waiver of Liability for Minors

1. I hereby appoint __________________________ as temporary guardian for __________________________(print minor's name), for the period__________________________(print minor's name) will be attending Swing Out New Hampshire 2020,

2. __________________________(print minor's name) will not swim in the pool or lake at any time except during posted hours when there is a lifeguard on duty. He/she will obey all instructions given by the lifeguard and leave the water if requested.

3. __________________________ (print minor's name) will not smoke while at Swing Out New Hampshire, and will not light any candles or incense in any building.

4. __________________________ (print minor's name) will not possess or consume any alcohol or illegal drugs on the Camp Wicosuta property.

5. I understand that these rules exist for the safety and comfort of all participants. Violation of any of these rules will result in __________________________ (print minor's name) being required to leave Swing Out New Hampshire immediately without refund of any camp fees.

6. I realize that __________________________'s (print minor's name) image might appear in photographs and/or videos taken by representatives of Jazz Dance, LLC. I agree to let Jazz Dance, LLC use these images for any purpose and that these images shall be the sole property of Jazz Dance, LLC.

7. I recognize the active and strenuous nature of dancing, swimming and other activities __________________________ (print minor's name) may engage in at Camp Wicosuta and the rustic nature of Camp Wicosuta. In consideration for __________________________'s (print minor's name)being allowed to participate in this event I agree to release and hold harmless Jazz Dance, LLC, Lakeside Retreats, LLC, Wicosuta Real Estate Co., LLC, Wicosuta Operating Co., LLC, and Camp Group, LLC and their respective employees for any injuries or death that __________________________'s (print minor's name) may sustain as a result of attending this event and participating in any activities while there, regardless of whether any such injuries or death are caused in whole or in part by negligence of one or more of the parties hereby released. __________________________ (print minor's name) agrees to dance in a safe manner to protect him/her self and others from the possibility of injury.

Signature of Parent or Legal Guardian 

Please Print Name