Evening Activities

Alain Laura Social


We have live music every night, with our SONH DJs to keep you dancing during band breaks and at our late-night dances.

Returning this year we have Chelsea Reed and the Fairweather Five and the Gordon Webster Band for five nights of live music!


Bring your voices, guitars and other acoustic instruments, and enjoy singing outside around a blazing campfire. 

Class Performances

Each track will learn a short routine, and have the opportunity to perform it during our final dance.


All campers and staff are invited to perform in our Saturday night Cabaret. Singing, dancing (anything but Lindy Hop!), instrumental numbers and short skits are welcome. It's always a fun a night!

Happy Hour

A chance to meet your fellow dancers from around the world at a relaxed social event.  Grab a drink, a piece of grass, and chat about anything.  Who knows what might happen?  Last year, an impromptu soul train and dance party.  This year, more fun is sure to be had.

History Presentations

Mike Thibault is one of the most well versed members of the Lindy Hop community when it comes to history. Join us to hear about some of the original dancers, see some rare clips, and learn more about the roots of this great dance.

After Hours Dancing

Each night after the regular dancing we will serve a delicious snack (How do you spell S'MORES?) followed by the option of more dancing until the wee hours.