Evening Activities

Alain Laura Social


We have live music every night, with our SONH DJs to keep you dancing during band breaks and at our late-night dances.

The Gordon Webster Group

On Friday late night and the Saturday and Sunday main dances we will feature The Gordon Webster Group. Gordon is one of the hottest young jazz pianists around, and has become a favorite with swing dancers across the country and around the world. He's rocked the house at SONH in the past, and we are delighted to welcome The Gordon Webster Group back again for three nights this summer!

Michael Gamble's Rhythm Serenaders

The six piece combo is a hard-swinging dedication to the style and arrangements of the mid-to-late 1940′s, paying homage to the small groups of Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Lionel Hampton, Roy Eldridge, Illinois Jacquet, Chu Berry, and other artists that mastered the small group sound, just as Big Band swing was waning in popularity, but before the full-on emergence of Bebop and modern jazz.  We're very excited to have them on the roster!

Musicality Class

The band will help us to understand and feel the connection between our dancing and the music to which we dance.


Bring your voices, guitars and other acoustic instruments, and enjoy singing outside around a blazing campfire. 

Class Performances

Each track will learn a short routine, and have the opportunity to perform it during our final dance.


All campers and staff are invited to perform in our Saturday night Cabaret. Singing, dancing (anything but Lindy Hop!), instrumental numbers and short skits are welcome. It's always a fun a night!

Happy Hour

A chance to meet your fellow dancers from around the world at a relaxed social event.  Grab a drink, a piece of grass, and chat about anything.  Who knows what might happen?  Last year, an impromptu soul train and dance party.  This year, more fun is sure to be had.

Movie Night

We'll be showing a movie near the end of camp, if you feel like giving your feet a rest before the evening dance and hanging out with some friends you've made.

After Hours Dancing

Each night after the regular dancing we will serve a delicious snack (How do you spell S'MORES?) followed by the option of more dancing until the wee hours.