Rob Moreland

Nevermore 2012 DJ Pic Bio Pic
Rob Moreland has been DJing for lindy hop dancers since 2003, when he started a four year stretch of DJing every week at a local dance in Raleigh, NC.  Aside from playing at events and exchanges across the US, he's DJed long-running nationally-known venues in LA, New York City, Washington DC, Denver and other cities.  He DJd at the Basie Centennial Ball in 2004 and has been on the Lindy Focus DJ staff as a DJ and the DJ Coordinator/Head DJ for 5+ years.  He was also featured on Yehoodi Radio in March 2007.  He's been the featured DJ for Stompology for the last three years and for the Nevermore Jazz Ball and Cumberland Shuffle this past year.  Most recently, he joined the DJ staff at ULHS.  After spending the last 15 years dancing in the Raleigh, NC lindy hop scene, he's a recent transplant to St. Louis, MO.  Rob is known for playing a wide range of tempos and styles, with music chosen to keep the floor full and the dancers happy.  
This is Rob's ninth time at SONH and his fifth as head DJ!