Lunou Samson-Poirot

Lunou Small

Lunou is a dynamic follower from Montreal and Quebec city. She has been swing dancing since 2003, and has developed her own style, always bringing positive energy to the dance floor.

A teacher by profession, she loves to help dancers find their way and grow in the dance. Generous and devoted, she shares her passion by performing and teaching across North America. She has been a member of the Northern Lights since 2008. She has also been one of the main teachers at Cat's Corner in Montreal since 2011.

She loves being part of the swing dance community; that's why she has dedicated her last 10 years to this dance, coaching lindy hop teams, creating projects and performing in big dance productions like "Swing Station" and "It don't mean a Thing".

She is a lover of competitions, and has won many titles throughout the years from such events as ALHC, ILHC, Camp Jitterbug, CSC and Boston Tea Party. Since 2013, she has been working with the very talented Zack Richard. They forged a strong partnership through a common love for everything crazy and goofy. Their styling differences are one of the key components of their dance relationship, and together they are always keen on both pushing the envelope and keeping the roots of the dance in authentic jazz movement.