Mini Private Lessons

We are excited to announce the addition of Mini-privates to our optional class slots this year! Only $15 for 15 minutes*, you will get one-on-one attention from your choice of Masters Track attendees.

Please read the teacher bios below, and follow the link to reserve a time slot!  One mini private lesson per student to start with, please; if additional slots are still available at camp you may be able to sign up for more than one.

Fill out our form to reserve your spot!

*Instructors are entitled to a one minute break in between private lessons if needed

Katie Piselli


Katie Piselli is a Boston-based professional dance teacher with a passion for swing and jazz dance. Her dancing embodies the energy, expression, and personal style that she values so much in the jazz era clips and teachers that have inspired her. While she has had the pleasure of teaching nationally and internationally, she’s definitely a “dance mom” in her home scene. Her career has blossomed through the day-to-day development and teaching of classes for local swing schools, colleges, social dances, community groups, private lessons, and her own experimental school, The Riff Academy. Katie is a recipent of the Swing Out New Hampshire Social Dance Spirit Award, and this will be her 8th year coming to SONH. It is hands down her favorite event!

Carl Nelson


Carl has been dancing since 2001, he was swinging out so hard he got kicked out of an acapella group.  His style focuses on strong partnering and rhythm rooted in exemplary basics. He has won numerous competitions at many of the largest events in the U.S. for lindy hop, solo jazz, and balboa.

As an instructor, Carl encourages students to find their own path through the dance, emphasizing collaborative workshops and focused exercises in his classes.

Doriel Pryntz-Nadworny


Doriel Pryntz-Nadworny has been a mover all his life, drawn to acrobatics and reckless ideas (often with his brothers). At age 16, Doriel traveled to ILHC to compete in the Junior Division, and became hooked on the Lindy Hop. Since then, Doriel teaches mostly in his home scene of Rochester, NY with Groove Juice Swing.
Doriel believes that inspiration in jazz dance comes from hearing the music, seeing the embodiment of the music in his partner, and valuing shared freedom of expression. In classes, he and his partners help students be inquisitive, have fun, and express all their ideas, no matter how goofy they might be. Doriel supports every dancer’s unique inventions in the classroom, in an effort to honor the origins of this jazz dance — as a street dance, alongside the music and other people on the dance floor.

Dorothy Boice


Dorothy Boice (more commonly known as Dorrie), has been teaching dance in the styles of Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Lyrical, Hip Hop, and Lindy Hop since 2008. Being a late bloomer to dance (starting classes at the age of 15) she fell in love, rapidly got into learning as many styles she could, and never looked back. Transformed from being a recreational activity to an emotional outlet, dancing became a huge part of Dorrie's life. Partnered dancing in particular opened her eyes to the importance of learning communication through physical connection and using dance to have a conversation. She continues to expand on her own experiences, knowledge of dance technique, and is devoted to sharing her learnings with her students. 

Marta Pedrero


Marta (she/her) discovered Lindy Hop in the streets of Barcelona - the city where she was born and raised. By then, in 2012, she had already been dancing contemporary since age 4, but now she's a swing fanatic! She taught in Barcelona for several years before moving to Boston where she teaches and organizes events for Boston Lindy Hop. If you travel the workshop circuit you've likely seen Marta there. She generally heads out to festivals once a month, and she never misses Snowball, HDC, Savoy Cup, SONH and Nevermore.

When Marta is not teaching dance, she is teaching school children in the Boston suburb of Brookline; teaching is her career, on and off the dance floor. She values students' individuality and fosters self-expression. As a dance instructor, she passes on the Lindy Hop tradition while also encouraging students to dance with their own accent. That means feeling the music and listening to their bodies. "I want it to be natural," she says. For Marta, dancing with a partner is all about communication and respect. "Making my partner feel cared for is part of the joy for both of us."

Scott Lucchini


Scott has been dancing for 10 years and attending SONH for 7! He began teaching in 2012 and since then has taught local group classes and regional workshops on topics including rhythm and musicality, choreography, swingout fundamentals and advanced technique. In addition to lindy hop, he also teaches solo jazz and rhythm tap dancing. He would love to help give you some hard stuff to improve your technique or to just encourage you to express yourself and have a good time.