Class Levels

Please Read This Information Carefully Before Registering.

Levels Information

Swing Out New Hampshire is a tracked camp, meaning we divide the campers into seven different levels of skill. Our intention is to place you in the track that will benefit your dancing the most.

You Do Not Sign Up For A Specific Level.

Before camp, you will select a general level based on the descriptions below and we will assign you to an audition level considering your prior Lindy Hop experience and where (based on our levels descriptions) you see yourself, as well as the size of the available classrooms and the need to maintain leader/follower balance.

At the end of the first day, if you feel you were totally mis-tracked (and this was not noticed during the first day's classes), there will be an opportunity to have the instructors take a look at your dancing at make a final decision on where to place you. At a tracked camp there will always be some spread of abilities at each level. Please remember we can only move dancers who, in the opinion of the teachers, clearly do not belong in the level to which they were assigned. You will not be moved simply because you might be at the top of your level and would rather be in the next higher level, or because your friends were placed in a higher level. We try hard to create the best peer groups possible and to place you in the level where you will benefit the most. 

Levels Descriptions

Beginner (Bluebirds)

There is no track for complete beginners. You have already taken a few Lindy Hop classes, and have tried the Swing Out, the Lindy Circle and Side-by-Side Charleston. This track is also for experienced dancers (in other styles) who have already taken some Lindy Hop classes and experienced the above basics. You will work on and refine your core skills, so you can start to feel comfortable dancing Lindy Hop socially.


You've probably been dancing Lindy Hop for 1-2 years. You feel very comfortable with the basics and have already started to put the moves together, go out social dancing, and travel to workshops. It's time to expand your repertoire of moves, work on leading and following skills and connect to the music. If you have only been dancing a few months and/or do not feel comfortable with Swing Outs, Circles, and basic Charleston please sign up for the Beginnner Track.


You're a solid Lindy Hopper who has been dancing for several years and is considered a strong and skilled dancer. You've got rhythm, quality of movement, and a whole mess of Lindy Hop moves. Your leading or following has smoothed out, and you look forward to improving your quality of movement and your musicality, as well as leader and follower connection at a more refined level. You're also interested in becoming more creative & musical, making your dancing into art! 


This level is limited to advanced Lindy Hoppers- you're likely one of the top dancers in your scene and may be an experienced scene leader, teacher, or competitor. You've got a strong Lindy Hop skill set and individual style, and know that at this level classes are about creativity and refinement. You're looking for a challenging class environment and are prepared to work hard to develop those skills.  


Levels Placement

If you have indicated you see yourself in as intermediate, intermediate/advanced, or advanced you will participate in a level test during the first class period Thursday morning of camp.  Your final track will be based on the results of this session.

  • If you're unsure where you see your own dancing, please contact us and we'll be happy to help you figure out which level description fits you best.You will not be able to attend classes for a track or level other than your own.